Thursday, October 26, 2006

Utah Senate - Whom I would vote for continued

I have already picked my Utah County Senate picks, but here are the others. Additionally, I seem to have upset Sandstrom in Orem, let me repeat, I am a conservative and Republicans do not have a monopoly on conservatives. (Especially since Utah County GOP leadership is driving them out). Also, Mr. Sandstrom, if you are endorsed by the UEA, you are not a conservative!

Senate District 2: Ken A. Bowers (Constitution), Jarvis and McCoy are both liberals, and frankly I don't care for either one of them. It is a liberal district, so perhaps that is a badge of honor there.

Senate District 3: PASS - I can't find much about any of the challengers, so I repectfully decline to say who I would vote for.

Senate District 4: Dirk Anjewierden (R), the disadvantage of already holding a seat is that Pat Jones has a record, one that I don't agree with.

Senate District 5: Ed Mayne (D), running unopposed, but a very nice guy who although not conservative, would get my vote.

Senate District 7: Bryce Jolley (R), see above in District 4, Romero has a record.

Senate District 9: Wayne Niederhauser (R), the only conservative in the race.

Senate District 12: Christy Achziger (R), I like her stance on education: "I will not support federal control of our state educational system and I will work to remove un-needed testing requirements." Also, Goodfellow is very liberal (even if he claims to be a moderate).

Senate District 17: Kirk D. Pearson (Constitution), Knudson is fairly liberal, with Evans leaving he may take the title of the Senate's most liberal Republican, but he is honest.

Senate District 18: I have been calling this one a toss-up for some time (one of the first to do so), and I strongly support Stuart Reid (D), But word out of KSL is that Greiner will cease campaigning.

Senate District 21: Sheldon L. Killpack (R), has a fairly good voting record.

Senate District 22: I don't know much about these guys, no one has a website (according to the State Elections Office), so I would probably vote for Greg Bell (R) as I hold my nose.

Senate District 24: I strongly support Darin Glen Peterson (R). He was a rockstar in the House, and has been so in the Senate.

Senate District 26: Once again, no websites. I have a problem with Van Tassel being a bank employee and word on the street is he gets an office and secretary for being in the legislature from the bank.

Senate District 28: Emily Bingham Hollingshead (D) has run an entertaining campaign from the blogosphere, and I commend that. But I haven't heard anything from Dennis Stowell, and I still don't like how he entered the race the exact same moment Tom Hatch dropped out. Honesty in Politics disappeared with that act. I guess I would have to vote for Hollingshead, unless I learn more about the other candidates.

In short: Candidates, GET A WEBSITE!!!


Brian Watkins said...

Look at that. You have several picks I agree with this time.

Especially Senator Mayne, but I
am also glad to see Emily Hollingshead.

And you even picked some reasonable Republicans, too.

Not from there said...

For those of us without the good fortune to live in the happy valley heart of Utah, can you shed some light on how your county party leadership is driving conservatives out? Is it anything like what happens every few months here in Salt Lake County?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your perspective - and the breif explanation on each.
I agree with most of your picks; - except in the races of Sen. Bell and Candidate Jolley: they are liberals - and frankly, from my conservative point of view, a liberal republican is of no value to the party and in such races, a D would be easier to work with. Keeping the liberals in one party and the conservatives in the other makes party lines more understandable and party work less frustrating and complicated.
Also - how can you say Sen. Knudsen is honest IF he is a liberal? Is it honest to run on the R ticket and not stick with the R platform???
Just wondering - - -
You're comment on Sen. Darin Peterson was sooo right on.

Christy Achziger said...

Thank you.