Saturday, October 28, 2006


OneUtah was wanting to know who had endorsed Cannon in Utah. Well, I like the Constitution Party's radio ads, but I will stick with Cannon. So here is one Utahn who will vote for him.


Cliff said...

If your endorsement of Cannon is any indication, OneUtah has a good point.

You see, you we do not know who you are. You seem to need to hide behind your faceless blog.

I also couldn't help noticing, you don't give a reason for supporting one of the great crooks of Utah; Chris Cannon hurts Utah.

Rob said...

UC has made the choice to stay anonymous. I know that there are times I wish I could do the same (actually maybe I have).

Sometimes the message can be lost by the face that is presenting the message, especially when the face is a known face.

There are other reasons why I support UC's anonymity.

My natural curiosity as to whom UC is keeps me coming back.

I also remember a blog called "The Fly on the Wall" which had much promise , that is until the identity of the blogger was discovered and then revealed.

It could have been a great blog based on it's anonymity, but once the blogger's identity came out, it died.

However, I do want to state that there are those in Republican leadership who do rein through fear.

I cannot tell you how many anonymous letters and calls I have received from Republicans who are angry at someone in their Party, but want me to do their dirty work.

I can't tell you how many Davis County employees and Republicans are supporting me secretly because they fear for their jobs, or they fear what will happen to them at the Party or social level if they support the better qualified Democrat.

But I respect them even though I find it un-American because I am a man of my word, and I have kept my promise to protect their identities.

How sad it is when people are scared to say how they feel or think. How does this promote effectiveness or efficiency? Is this the America we want?

I do agree that UC has made a very poor choice by supporting Chris Cannon. Christian Burridge is the 3rd's district's best choice, but people make mistakes, even anonymous people.

Attacking UC as "faceless" seems to me to suggest that UC's comment is not worth consideration. I believe that UC's endorsement of Chris Cannon is flawed, but I respect the person behind the opinion, even if that person chooses to stay "faceless".

Blah, Blah, Blah...

John said...

I just wonder how conservative you could be in supporting Rep Cannon.
You are no friend to the Constitution.

EdMaynard said...


More conservative than those who support people like Howard Stephenson and Chris Buttars.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what you all are so angry about, Cannon has my vote

Frank Staheli said...


You say you like the Constitution Party ads, but you're not voting for them. I like their ads, too. That's why I am voting for them even though I am a registered republican. Cannon failed on immigration and Burridge is to much of a social welfare acolyte. The Constitution party has them beat on both counts.