Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hatch Billboard Game

There are new Hatch billboards throughout Salt Lake and Utah Counties. The only two I have seen are "clout" and "gutsy" with definitions and a picture of the Senator.

In honor of the SL Tribune game with LaVar Christensen's billboards, please come up with words that define Orrin that should be used on his billboard (I only monitor for language)

Some ideas:

- "Aloof": out of touch
- "Forgetful": Can't remember Utah's Congressional Delegation at 2005 GOP Convention

Any more?


Bob said...

"Out of Touch"
"expediant politician"

That last one came from a quote by Orrin Hatch when he filed his campaign papers in 1976.


Diamondback Jack said...


Anonymous said...

How about "Confused"
Confused might be how a "conservative" senator is labeled when he brings as a guest to his Women's Conference Sandra Day O'Conner!!!!

Rob said...

"I needs it, I wants it, my precious!"

Truth in advertising you know.