Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kurt Peterson - Provo You are Wrong

The Daily Herald has an article about the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church that may be torn down. Kurt Peterson of Provo whines that they should keep it. Well Kurt, perhaps you should not be so happy about spending public monies to save old buildings. This is prime real estate land, and developing it will help the entire area. To say that the Maeser School was a success is not exactly firm.

If I weren't heading out of town I would be at the Council urging them to tear the building down so a new owner can do what he would like to do, or let Kurt Peterson buy it and not change anything to it.

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Anonymous said...

Kurt Peterson is a liberal extremist. He is a vocal proponent of money-losing iProvo, RDAs for retail, an opponent of education vouchers for low income families, and a supporter of higher taxes.