Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My 2000 Presidential Favorite makes an Endorsement

Steve Forbes has endorsed Rudy Giuliani, and will serve as a nat'l campaign co-chair and senior policy adviser, Giuliani's camp announced today.

Forbes: "It is time the rest of the country benefit from a true fiscal conservative leader who gets real results"(release, 3/28).

Monday, March 26, 2007

An excellent legal opinion

SLC Spin has done it again. Ethan has posted an excellent legal opinion on the Anti-School Choice movements flawed petition drive:

Monday, March 19, 2007

A great Hatch quote!

Think about that, bring them all out, redeploy them all by March 31, 2008...all United States Combat Forces from Iraq except for a limited number that are essential for the following purposes: 1. Protecting the United States and coalition personnel and infrastructure. How does that small contingency do that? 2. Training and equipping Iraqi forces. How does that small contingency do that? 3. Conducting target and counter-terrorism operations. My gosh, every one of them would be murdered right on the spot if we did not have enough people to take care of them. This is ridiculous!

Senator Orrin Hatch

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Run Fred Run!

With news that Fred Thompson is thinking about running for the President of the United States, I have to say that I would support him in a heartbeat.

For those who don't know him, here is a bio from Wikipedia:

Born in Sheffield, Alabama, Thompson grew up attending the public schools in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. He first attended Florence State College and then Memphis State University where he earned an undergraduate degree in philosophy and political science in 1964. He received a J.D. degree from Vanderbilt University Law School in 1967. He was admitted to the Tennessee bar in 1967 and commenced the practice of law, serving as an assistant U.S. attorney from 19691972. He was the campaign manager for Senator Howard Baker's successful re-election campaign in 1972, which led to a close personal friendship with Baker, and he served as co-chief counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee in its investigation of the Watergate scandal, (19731974). He was responsible for Baker's asking one of the questions that is said to have led directly to the downfall of President Richard Nixon—"What did the President know, and when did he know it?" Also, Thompson's voice has become immortalized in recordings of the Watergate proceedings, asking the key question, "Mr. Butterfield, are you aware of the installation of any listening devices in the Oval Office of the President?"
In 1977, Thompson took on a Tennessee Parole Board case that ultimately toppled Tennessee Governor Ray Blanton from power on charges of selling pardons. The scandal became the subject of a book and a movie titled Marie (1985) in which Thompson played himself, supposedly because the producers were unable to find a professional actor who could play him plausibly. This film launched his acting career. Thompson would go on to appear as racist demagogue "Dr. Knox Pooley" in a story arc of the TV series Wiseguy (1988). He has also been in numerous feature films, including No Way Out (1987), The Hunt for Red October (1990), Cape Fear (1991), and In the Line of Fire (1993). A 1994 New York Times profile described his roles as ones that portray authority: "The glowering, hulking Mr. Thompson has played a White House chief of staff, a director of the Central Intelligence Agency, a highly placed F.B.I. agent, a rear admiral, even a senator. When Hollywood directors need someone who can personify governmental power, they often turn to him."[1]

[edit] Senate career
On November 8, 1994, Thompson was elected to the United States Senate to fill the unexpired portion of the term ending January 3, 1997, left vacant by the resignation of Al Gore, defeating six-term Democratic U.S. Representative Jim Cooper in a 61% to 39% landslide which represented the most votes anyone had ever received for a statewide office in Tennessee history up to that point. Thompson took the oath of office on December 2, 1994. Almost immediately upon his arrival in Washington, D.C. ("while I was still unpacking my boxes," as he put it), Thompson was selected by the Republicans to give a reply to a nationally-televised address by President Bill Clinton. This was no doubt due to his acting background, but many pundits saw this as an attempt to groom him for an even larger political role. Thompson was easily re-elected in 1996 for the term ending January 3, 2003 over Democratic attorney Houston Gordon of Covington, Tennessee by an even larger margin than that by which he had defeated Cooper two years earlier. His name was regularly mentioned in the year 2000 as a potential candidate for Vice President alongside the Republican Presidential nominee George W. Bush.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

56% of Utahns Support School Choice According to New Survey

From January 30, 2007.

A new survey commissioned by Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) and conducted by Western Wats shows strong support for school choice. When asked “Do you favor or oppose allowing students and parents to choose a school, public or private, to attend using public funds?” over 56% were in favor. This data underscores a recent Dan Jones/Deseret News poll showing increased numbers in favor of school choice.

Most significantly support for choice jumped to 67% for those with children in school; those who are consuming the service are the most interested in having more options. The survey also found that nearly 18% of households include individuals who are employed in the public education system. When their responses are removed, support for choice is 60%.

"It's obvious—parents want options,” said Elisa Peterson, PCE Executive Director. “Public education, despite offering their definition of "choice" within the system, can’t meet the full spectrum of needs that Utah children have. It’s only fair that we let parents choose the best education for their kids.”

The survey also revealed a surprising level of ignorance regarding in-state K-12 education spending. Over 50%, or 207 of 409 respondents believe that Utah is spending less than half of what is actually being spent per student per year (approximately $6,309*). When asked, less than 3% of those surveyed identified the correct amount (between $6,000-$7,000 ) highlighting that Utahns may know the price of groceries and gas but through no fault of their own, are solidly in the dark on education.

Want to

Saturday, March 10, 2007




Say NO to the Referendum Petition


In February, the Utah Legislature passed and Governor Jon Huntsman signed into law House Bill 148, the Parent Choice in Education Act. They believe this voucher program will provide valuable options to parents whose children aren’t succeeding in public schools. Equally important to them was a program that would not harm public education, and in fact, benefit public education.


1. Give parents more options to find the school that’s BEST for their family.

2. Leave more money for fewer students in the public school system. (a 2004 USU study showed a similar program would save the state over $1 BILLION in 13 years)

3. Make schools more accountable because they’ll have to answer to PARENTS & not just bureaucrats.


The aggressive drive to repeal the voucher program is led by the same groups who have always opposed parent-empowering reforms such as charter schools, tuition-tax credits, and performance pay for teachers. These groups include:

  • The national teachers union, the NEA
  • The Utah affiliate of the national teachers union, the UEA
  • The Utah Democratic Party
  • Other groups who support the education establishment and the status quo

No one should find this any more surprising than buggy manufacturers opposing Henry Ford.


They say that vouchers will take money from public education.

Let’s take a look: The Legislature appropriated $9.2 million for the voucher program. They also appropriated $3.5 BILLION for public education. The public education system in Utah spends more than twice the amount allocated for vouchers every school day. Not only that, but vouchers allow the state to educate a child at 1/3 the cost of what would be spent on that same child in the public schools.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: THIS IS NOT ABOUT MONEY. IT’S ABOUT THE EDUCATION ESTABLISHMENT (DOMINATED BY A BIG UNION) MAINTAINING ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF A MONOPOLY. The $500 million in incremental funding the legislature provided for education this year is not as important as protecting that monopoly.

The Union extends the claim by saying that public dollars should not be used for private institutions. But wait a minute; can food stamps only be used in government grocery stores? Can Medicaid and Medicare benefits only be used in government hospitals? Once again their rhetoric reveals their real interest: retaining control of a monopoly.


We believe parents, not unions and bureaucrats, should have greater say in the education of our children. And we’re not the only ones – school choice is supported by the likes of Governor Huntsman, President Bush, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Ronald Reagan.


  • Don’t sign the petition.
  • Forward this email to everyone you know.
  • Print off this flyer and distribute it in your neighborhood and your kids’ schools.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

E-mail from the Romney Camp

A friend passed this on to me, and I think it highlights some positive press Mr. Romney got over the weekend.

Dear Friend, Congratulations!
As one of the early Team Mitt supporters, you are in good company. Team Mitt's growth has been astounding.
The more voters get to know Mitt Romney, the more energized they get about his candidacy. Just last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), one of the largest gatherings of conservative Republicans nationwide, Mitt spoke to a packed crowd, receiving a standing ovation. He went on to win the event's Straw poll, beating out Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Senator John McCain, and to receive accolades from the pundits and prognosticators across the country.
Where Mitt goes, new supporters follow, but he needs your help to keep building the momentum. On March 31st, just a few short weeks away, the candidates will be judged in an invisible primary, based on amount of contributions.
Will you help Mitt show the media and the country that he has what it takes to win? Please contribute $1,000, $500, $250, $100, or even $50 or $25 today. Don’t wait!After Mitt Romney’s CPAC speech, the LA Times’ Molly Hennessy-Fiske reported:
"Some who arrived at the conference undecided left with Romney campaign signs, including Margo Saule, 65, a horse breeder from Charlottesville, VA. Saule called Romney's speech 'straightforward,' saying 'I liked his convictions.'"
And the New York Times' Adam Nagourney reported:
"...Mr. Romney arrived to a much more subdued reception but left to a rousing roar of applause."
Mitt is changing minds and hearts, and he needs to have all the resources necessary to take his optimistic, pragmatic message straight to voters. Do you want to help?Then, there are two things you can do today: 1) Forward this message to everyone you know, asking them to join Team Mitt; and 2) Contribute whatever amount you can today to help Mitt make a big splash in the invisible primary – the fundraising deadline of March 31st. There are new signs every day that Mitt has the momentum. A recent poll of some of the Republican Party’s most politically active – the Republican National Committee’s members – showed a majority favor Mitt Romney for the Party’s nomination. Now, Mitt is counting on you to help him reach as many voters as possible with his message of strong, new leadership.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


(Just like football!!!)

Congratulations to BYU's basketball team.