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Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm back

I have been busy pouring through the minutes of the Steering Committee in Utah County and the Executive Committee. Wow, that Secretary is a fruitcake.

Poor Lisa Shepherd

Poor Lisa Shepherd

Wow, look what happens when the tables are turned. Two years ago, there were blatant rules violations by the Utah County Republican Party and Lisa Shepherd, yet the party decided that the rule violations were ok.

Now Lisa is complaining that the Utah GOP is playing favorites. Where was the outrage Ms. Shepherd two years ago? Lisa worked her tail off to break the rules and take every advantage to elect Mr. Garr Judd. Well, Ms. Shepherd, payback is a B***h.

GOP flier raising a ruckus (edited for space)
Candidates accuse party of wrongly backing incumbents
By Leigh DethmanDeseret Morning News
Utah County Republican legislative candidates are fuming after the state party sent out a mailer that seems to endorse the Republican incumbents they are challenging.
The flier advertises an April 10 fundraiser for .. Rep. Keith Grover, R-Provo. It includes a line that says, "Paid for by the Utah Republican Party," and the party's postal rate number.
Challengers fear that delegates will feel pressure to cast their vote for the incumbents, since the mailer was paid for by the party.
"They are just telling you who they want you to vote for," said Jared Sepulveda, who is running against Sumsion in District 56. "If they want to do this after the primaries are done, that's fine. But not now."
State party bylaws do not allow party officers, national committee members and paid staff to publicly endorse or oppose any Republican candidate over another in a convention or primary election.
But state GOP Chairman Stan Lockhart said "it doesn't amount to an endorsement at all."
To make things right, Lockhart said he's offered the challengers the chance to send out a mailer paid for by the party as well.
"The party works very hard to treat all Republican candidates the same," Lockhart said. "We take that very seriously."
Lisa Shepherd, who is running against Grover in District 61, said the mailer is a "direct violation of Republican rules."
"It completely looks like an official document of the party," Shepherd said. "It's against the bylaws to take a stand or play favorites or anything until you've come out of the primary."

Monday, August 31, 2009

Candidate Sumner in Orem is a copycat

Two Orem candidates have same platform wording

And Mr. Sumner teaches college. Can he penalize his students for plagiarism when does the same thing? Just wondering.