Saturday, June 24, 2006

Just following your advice

Said Monahan (UT CTY GOP Chair) in the Salt Lake Tribune, “We strongly urge that voters look at both candidates very carefully and make certain they have integrity – look at their business dealings. We strongly urge them to look at that.”


eldstenorge said...

It should be enforced that the Utah County Republican Constitution states that the four county elected officers must remain neutral in any race where there is a contested Republican Primary.

Anonymous said...

Good comment eldstenorge ~ Not only are they far from neutral (especially in House 61 race) but they must have connections at he paper since the press has documents and tapes from former judd employers exposing his unethical practices - and yet, the press remains silent. Poor grover is not running against judd - he is running against the county party.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the two posts above.

I personally was a Tinsley supporter (and still am by the way). I really thought he was sharp and I respected the fact that he was unafraid to oppose and take a stand against the party blockade and "good 'ol boys club".

If you think about it, the Tinsley Campaign was the one group that led the charge on exposing this corruption. Only then did others come forward. I am still upset he did not win. Knowing what we know now, it is clear that niether Tinsley nor Grover ever got a fair shake in this race. I know there were some pretty impossible obsticles Tinsley had to fight against and overcome as it related to the party corruption. People like Lisa Shepherd and Dean Hawker have no dignity and really played dirty politics against the Tinsley and Grover campaigns.

Maybe there was something to Tinsley's claims after all.

Hopefully we have not seen the last of Tinsley. I hope he stays in it. In retrospect....he was right.

But I do hope we will see the last of Monnahan, Bramble, Jarvis and Judd.

Let's bring ethics back.


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Anonymous said...

In fact I think this proves that the complaint filed against Judd had merits but the kangaroo court decided to take the word of an unethical person like Garr Judd over honest party workers whom they could not control.

I for one want to see them all gone! Tinsley for County Chair!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian and Aaron. How are you?