Friday, June 23, 2006

Calling the 3rd District Election

Up until one week ago I thought the 3rd District race was a toss-up.

Now I think, barring an act of God (or Satan: Jacob's bad luck: Is it . . . Satan?) Chris Cannon will be re-elected.

So, in honor of Jacob's most recent comments in the Deseret News

Third District congressional candidate John Jacob responded Thursday to a widely circulated rumor about past gambling habits by saying he has never been addicted to gambling.

Jacob, who is challenging five-term incumbent Chris Cannon in Tuesday's Republican primary, also said he erred on the campaign trail when he repeated incorrect information that inflated the number of illegal immigrants at the state prison in Gunnison.

The multimillionaire said he played Texas Hold 'Em and 21 card games during a few trips to Las Vegas to attend shows and the National Finals Rodeo. He said he believed the trips took place between 2000 and 2002. He also said he played for entertainment because a traveling companion enjoyed gambling.

Anyone want to put a wager on it?

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