Monday, June 26, 2006

I will be supporting Gary Anderson

I recieved an e-mail from Dave Duncan in Orem where he states why he is not supporting Gary Anderson:

"You made some surprising claims just before the convention that "the entire sheriff's office (including Sheriff Tracy)" endorsed Gary Anderson (see email thread below). But, surprisingly, the endorsement only carried eight names of people from the sheriff's office, none of which was Sheriff Tracey himself. In your reply (also below) you said that Sheriff Tracy himself would be seconding the nomination at the convention. But he did not."

Well, Dave, I wonder if this from references this.
"In a last ditcheffort to keep an incumbent as County Commissioner candidate in office, members of the GOP leadership pressured a county employee to refrain from nominating the leading challenger. They uinsunuated that this County employee would experience difficulties with his proposed budget if he followed through with his plans to nbominate the challenger."

Dave, I put two together and WE CAN DO BETTER!


Anonymous said...

I got that e-mail as well. Thanks for giving us the "rest of the story"

Anonymous said...

Foghat rules

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I voted for Anderson as well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "corrupted" party officials didn't want Grover to be the commissioner. So, how does this prove anything!