Wednesday, April 02, 2008


As I did two years ago, I would like to give every Republican candidate the opportunity to introduce themselves and explain why they are running. I reserve the right to edit for space, so please limit your responses to 100 words per question. You may include a photo as well.

1. Please introduce yourself.
2. Why are you running?
3. For the incumbent: What are your proudest accomplishments while serving on Utah's Capitol Hill?
For the challenger: What legislative achievements (can't think of a better word) of your opponents do you most disagree with?
4. Would you favor spending more on education and transportation or a tax cut?
5. Would you favor a complete audit of every school district's spending and making that availible to the public?
6. Who do you admire most in the political world (dead or alive) and why?
7. How can a delegate, or potential constituent contact you?

Once I get these responses, I will post them. Additionally; I will let you know who refuses to participate. (I am only doing contested Republican races in Utah County)


Jesse Harris said...

My wife thinks its weird that I e-mail candidates to ask for more information on their campaigns, much less publish the results for all to see. It's good to see that I'm not the only one who does it.

Barbara said...

I'm not sure I see the relevance of question #5 since every school district already conducts an accounting audit each year and the results are available to the public. Are you suggesting an annual performance audit? If so, that would be extremely expensively. How would you propose to pay for it?

Anonymous said...


I have a friend who did some research on spending at a high school in Jordan School District. Did you know that the administrators have a clothing allowance? Did you know there was a fund that the administration had no idea what it even was?

This student had to pay money for the information as a GRAMMA request. It is not public information.

Barbara said...

Your friend was looking at accounting records not audit results and that work product is not public record so I still don't understand the point of question #5.

Anonymous said...

A joke. I can't find a place to post it. Feel free to make use of it:

The First returns are in confirming a Democratic Presidential victory in the state of

Anonymous said...

when can we expect the survey info?

Anonymous said...

So Barbara -

Just prove to us where the money for education goes. We want a complete financial audit of every single cent spent. A complete accounting that is public and free to get.

I am tired of hearing that people want more money spent; but education officials can't prove where the money goes.