Thursday, April 10, 2008

Meet Rep. Keith Grover - LD 61

1. Please introduce yourself.
My name is Representative Keith Grover.

2. Why are you running?
I am seeking re-election to office to continue representing the conservative values of District 61. In my extensive communication with delegates (over 4,000 emails, 600 letters, many phone calls and personal visits) I have learned that my constituents are very informed and concerned about moderation creeping into the House of Representatives. I am a principled based voter on the Hill and act on data and from a conservative framework rather than emotion. People appreciate a thinker rather than a reactor.

3. For the incumbent: What are your proudest accomplishments while serving on Utah’s Capitol Hill?
My proudest accomplishment is the implementation of HB 176 - Sex Offender Amendments which adds to the crimes requiring lifetime registration of a sex offender "attempting" or “conspiring to commit" an offense currently subject to lifetime registration. I am also very proud of my co-sponsorship of HB 256 - Criminal Penalties Amendments Including Jessica’s Law. C. Wimmer, Co-sponsor K.Grover. This bill, along with other provisions, increases the minimum term of imprisonment for rape of a child, object rape of a child, or sodomy on a child, to 25 years and which may be for life. It ensures the worst offenders are locked up for a long time. More importantly, it spares child victims the added trauma of facing an alleged sexual perpetrator in court.

4. Would you favor spending more on education and transportation or a tax cut?
I favor more spending on data driven, school responsive, education spending only. Forward thinking innovative schools and districts should be rewarded. I am not supportive of increased funding for any program that is not supported by data indicating a meaningful contribution to learning.
I support transportation funding - specifically in Utah County and I actively sought votes on the floor to ensure the reconstruction of I-15 in our area.
I support and have supported all tax cuts presented - this includes the 88 million two years ago and the 50 million this year.

5. Would you favor a complete audit of every school district’s spending and making that available to the public?
I would sponsor the bill, if needed, to make that a reality. It is the public's money.

6. Who do you admire most in the political world (dead or alive) and why?
I admire former Utah County Commissioner Jerry Grover - my brother. He stayed true to conservative principles and avoided the political hoopla as he served Utah County for 12 years.

7. How can a delegate, or potential constituent contact you?


Anonymous said...

You were always such a good teacher. do you remember mike cameron and john white and meadow elementary. John was the kid with all the x men action figures

Anonymous said...

Keith Grover might be worst thing that happened to this world, even above Jason Chaffetz.

Anonymous said...

You were always such a good teacher. do you remember Bob Jones and Jim Johnson from the annual white knight-a-thon in nashville? Jim was the one with all the jack chick tracts.