Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Utahns For Public Schools - Unsolicted E-mails

Someone forwarded me an e-mail from Utahns for Public Schools. This person is very pro-vouchers and did not sign up to receive these e-mails. So answer the question Utahns for Public Schools, who are you sending this to?

The latest attack on public education!
Please go to these websites and post comments to tell these pro voucher people what Utahn’s for Public School really think.


Jesse Harris said...

A bit of header analyzing should do the trick. One you figure out the origin, complain to the ISP that whoever is sending them violates the AUP/ToS clauses concerning unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE). I don't care if someone operates an e-mail list; I do care if they try and force their message down the throats of folks who never asked for it.

Jeremy said...

I agree with Jesse. Spam is spam and it sucks. Whoever is sending this needs to get the message quickly that their messages aren't welcome and that they need to cut it out.

CraigJ said...,5143,695215579,00.html

Anonymous said...

Let's not assume that the person receiving the e-mail didn't sign up for it, or was signed up for it by someone else. All you have to do is e-mail back the word stop (that is unless it's Kathy Dopp who will never stop spamming you).

You guys are sure fast as judge and jury.

Davis Didjeridu said...

I believe today's Tribune noted this also, but didn't mention who was behind it. It seems since it notes the political spyglass, and since he has a history of spamming, it is Mark Towner. Note the message says "Utahn's for Public School" and not "Utahns for Public Schools." It's spam, and it's Towner, so it's BS.

Anonymous said...

Further evidence that this is a Towner scam is that there is a link to vouchernews.blogspot which is another site Towner runs under the pseudonym Jason Bourne.

That Mark Towner and his crazy spamming ways are just silly. He's a crazy silly spammer.

Jesse Harris said...

I think Davis might be onto something. I'd like to see an original copy of the e-mail with headers to analyze it.

Derrik said...

And it's also illegal.

Hopefully this hits the news, because Towner has made a career of dirty, cheap tricks like this.

Disgusting someone of his "character" still has a forum of any kind.