Friday, October 19, 2007

Select a Candidate

KSL has a link to a great “select the candidate” website. Take the test to see who you most favor.

My candidates are:
Duncan Hunter – 16
Mitt Romney – 16
Fred Thompson – 16

Tom Tancredo – 11
John McCain – 10
Mike Huckabee – 10

I decided to take the Minnesota Senate race for kicks, and:
Norm Coleman – 18
Al Franken – 2

1 comment:

Reach Upward said...

These kinds of issue match-ups ignore reality. Most Americans don't choose a candidate based solely on a mathematical percentage of areas of agreement.

For one thing, each of us gives weight to different issues that cannot easily be assessed through programs like this. And some issues are important enough to cancel out other issues. So, I might disagree with a candidate on 70% of issues that are of lower importance, but agree with her/him on enough significant issues that I would vote for him/her.

For another thing, Americans ponder what kind of character a candidate has, how "presidential" a candidate seems, what kind of leadership qualities she/he has, what kind of political alliances he/she has, the candidate's chances of winning, and a whole host of other matters. The weight of these things might outweigh all policy statements completely.

In other words, I'm not sure these issue match-up programs are meaningful.