Sunday, May 27, 2007

Steve Harmsen - Utah GOP Chair Candidate

What are your plans to get the Party out of debt?
plan for debt: good management of existing resources , getting a handle on the salaries and no more commission deals, be more creative and diligent in all areas of fundraising especially in the area of smaller donors.

If elected would you rehire Jeff Hartley or have an open hiring process?

No,I would not in all likelihood re-hire previous director. I would not hire anyone that was not widely advertised for and was not agreeable to the majority of the state officers

How can the GOP be more competitive in Salt Lake and Weber Counties?
Salt Lake County: needs a strong legislative push to keep Salt lake County Clerk from putting Democrats at the top of the ballot (5%advantage) I think it needs to be randomly selected by each voting machine which is currently possible.

Weber and all other counties The party needs a much better use of its web site and it needs to be made available to all candidates and party officials. The data base that the party should be keeping and updating in a professional manner and should be made available to all party members and candidates. Precinct by precinct identification of voters needs to be done by the state party and the data can be kept from year to year and improved upon each year and shared with the respective counties.

What is your vision for the Party?
I would like to see a party that can stand on its own and I applaud Gov. Huntsman for not anointing the chairman as it truly gives the party a chance to become its own force. We have the opportunity to create a professional staff that can continue programs for more than the election cycle that is of interest to particular candidates and their staffs which results in a revolving door at party headquarters and no long term vision. I want to see implemented programs and directions that can embolden the grass roots of the party and i would like to steer the party pendulum in the direction of the state delegates who represent their grass root caucus.

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