Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Are you kidding me?

If this is what most Utah State University classes are like; I am glad I didn't go there. I actually got an education


JM Bell said...

It's been a long time since college for me, so, I think that sounds like a fun class. It also sounds like reading my blog ... so, whatever.

Hey, at least the professor was upfront about it.

Justin said...

Let's not be exposed to any sort of opposing viewpoints at our institutions of higher education, please. Just believe what the guys in the suits say and nobody will have to do any actual thinking of their own.

bbart said...

Sign me up!!

Tom Grover said...

College is about being exposed to a variety of ideas... even ideas *gasp* that one might not personally agree with. If pluralism scares you, you shouldn't attend a secular university, read the newspaper opinion page, listen to KVNU's For the People or get out of bed in the morning. The world is much to scary a place.

Pluralism really isn't really that bad.

Utah State University kicks ass. There are liberals, conservatives, libertarians and even a few populists for good measure. I graduated in political science from USU and enjoyed the diversity of thought.

Anonymous said...

I actually got an education

Evidently not too good of one. They didn't teach you to put a period at the end of a sentence????

Anonymous said...

And you learned to put more than one question mark?

Jonathon Meacham, USU Student said...

I am actually taking this class, and you, sir, have completely missed the point, so I don't think you should be 'glad' you didn't go to USU, because wherever you DID go screwed you if they charged you more than 5 Bucks.

The class is about Social Propaganda (to use a word maybe you will understand). The instructors chose they most obvious examples. Unfortunately, those people he mentioned in the pre-class statement were the most obvious.

The truth hurst, I know. I have picked through your blog, and it seems you wouldn't have a thought of your own without O'Reilly and Crew, but it is no reason to lam-blast a university, or any institution, or risk offending the attendees of such an institution who may have previously enjoyed reading your blog.

You are a fool, following fools, and encouraging foolishness. Your mom must be so proud.

Bryan D. Catherman said...

Better the professor put it up front, so those afraid they're not strong enough in their own beliefs will drop the class before the drop deadline.

In my college days, I had Republican professors (Dave Buhler, for example) and Democrats (Buhler's SLC Mayoral opponent, Jenny Wilson), Mormons an non-Mormons, Christians and atheists, gay/lesbian and straight, old and young, male and female, hot and total unpleasant to look at, articulate and stutters, funny and not funny, smart and not smart, black, white, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, Arab and on and on. College is about taking diverse ideas, processing them, learning something, and become all the wiser and intelligent for it.

Don't like that class, take one from a professor that thinks just like you... maybe at BYU?

Craig said...

I suspect that someone who forcefully and eloquently fights back against this professor doesn't have much chance of getting a good grade.