Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Shape Up or Ship Out!

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who was responsible for the House Republican sweep in 1994 has outlined the ways in which the Republicans can keep the House in the magazine Human Events ( As a Republican, I am frankly disgusted by the way the GOP as a whole (I am not singling any one out) has governed.

Since Bush has been in the White House the GOP has spent like drunken sailors, with no fiscal responsibility. Now I understand that it costs money to win the war on terror, but come on! Show some responsibility or quite frankly you don’t deserve to be in office.

Am I ready to vote Democrat? Not yet, I will stick with Cannon; but if I lived outside Utah I might seriously consider it! I think Bishop, Cannon, and future Representative LaVar Christensen are not the problem.

Anyway, here are the 11 points to victory from Human Events:

These 11 issues are all clear and all doable.
1. Make English the Official Language of Government.
2. Control the Borders.
3. Keep God in the Pledge.
4. Require a Voter ID Card.
5. Repeal the Death Tax, for Good.
6. Restore Property Rights.
7. Achieve Sustainable Energy Independence.
8. Control Spending and Balance the Budget.
9. Tie Education Funding to Teacher Accountability.
10. Defend America From the Irreconcilable Wing of Islam.
11. Focus on Iran and North Korea.

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Reach Upward said...

I agree with you completely on the federal GOP's lousy governance over the past half decade. I would change Mr. Gingrich's #9 to "Get the federal government out of local education," but Gingrich's advice is good.

Former Rep. Dick Armey told congressional Republicans last year that they needed to start acting like Republicans -- you know, limited government, fiscal responsibility, socially conservative, etc. He said, "When we act like us we win. When we act like them we lose." If the GOP loses control of one or both chambers of Congress this fall, they will only have themselves to blame.