Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's going to get ugly

According to Drudge:
"The Republican Party has unleashed a long-planned battery of negative ads against Democratic challengers in House and Senate races across the country, employing the fruits of more than a year of research into the backgrounds of Democratic candidates.

Just as Democrats have launched an unusually aggressive barrage of negative advertisements intended to tie Republican incumbents to an extremely unpopular Congress, and portray them as captives to big business, pharmaceutical concerns and the oil industry.

NEW YORK TIMES reporter Adam Nagourney plans a Page One Splash for Wednesday, declaring: "The result has been what aides to both sides described on Tuesday as the most toxic midterm political environment in memory."

So I guess this year we will see if negative advertising works. It didn't work for John Swallow; but will it work elsewhere?

P.S. I have been critcized for supporting Rob Miller in Davis County, saying that a Democrat can not be a conservative. I disagree, and I would say that Rob Miller is not a Nancy Pelosi Liberal, but appears to be more of a Jim Matheson Democrat. And I never have endorsed Pete Ashdown, I just mentioned that it is refreshing that he would make a comment on this blog.

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