Saturday, February 16, 2008

Utah County Democratic Party off their rocker:

What about the rule of law?

I was disgusted by an editorial written by Utah County Democratic leaders Richard Davis and Larry Brown in the Des-News. (,5143,695253249,00.html)

Do the Utah County Democrats not respect that we have laws in this country and that everyone is expected to abide by these laws? No one is above the law. In Richard Davis and Larry Brown’s world, people who break our immigration laws should be shown compassion by ignoring the offense. Please explain why these law-breakers are on a higher level than everyone else. Is this what the Democratic Party as a whole believes in?

Heaven help us if they ever take control here in Utah.

They mention that the church teaches compassion. No arguments here. I have seen numerous people spend money beyond their means and get help from the church so they don’t lose their house. I don’t have a problem with that, so long as it is not every month. I contribute generously (as generously as I can) to the fast offering and Perpetual Education Fund. I served a mission in Latin America, and send money there every year.

But please don’t say that the church expects us to ignore this law breaking. Article of Faith #12 states that “We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.” Growing up, this meant to me that I had to honor President William Jefferson Clinton, and probably will have to honor President-elect B. Hussein Obama.

As a member of the LDS church, I believe that we should all obey the laws of the land. WHETHER WE AGREE OR NOT. Just because I don’t agree with Roe v. Wade; doesn’t mean that I would do any harm to anyone else. (Speaking of which; why are the Democrats in Utah so bent out of shape on making animal torture a felony; but turn their backs to the killing of innocent children?)

I also find it ironic that the battle cry for the few Democrats in Utah County is that we need to replace the Republicans because they didn’t do the will of the people on the voucher issue. Let me remind you what a Dan Jones poll found in regards to tuition breaks for illegals: “A recent Deseret Morning News/KSL-TV poll conducted by Dan Jones and Associates found that 63 percent of Utahns polled opposed allowing undocumented students to pay a lower rate; 33 percent supported the tuition rate (,5143,695247784,00.html).”

So Professor Davis and Mr. Brown: do the legislators have to do the will of the people at all times, or only when it is politically expedient for your minority party?


Bob said...

From Thursday's Deseret News:

An LDS Church leader on Wednesday urged Utah's lawmakers to "take a step back" and hold a "spirit of compassion" as they consider a slate of bills aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration.

"Immigration questions are questions dealing with God's children," said Elder Marlin K. Jensen of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. "I believe a more thoughtful and factual, not to mention humane approach is warranted, and urge those responsible for enactment of Utah's immigration policy to measure twice before they cut."

This is the second or third time this session that the Church has asked for compassion.

Oh, and the first illegal imigrants in Utah were Brigham Young and his party. Utah was then a part of Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Until the First Presidency states something, it is not the official Church doctrine.

Remember that Ezra Taft Benson stated that you can't be a liberal Democrat and a Mormon while he was an Apostle. (That is a higher calling than a seventy).

And to state that the early Mormons were illegal is absurd. The world was very different then.

Buttars said...

Richard Davis had some sincere ideas in his article. It was actually pretty good, and had some better ideas than punishing children. Do you really think Donnelson's law will keep "illegals" from coming?

liberal democrat said...

I don't think Donnelson's bill has anything to do with keeping illegals out.

I do find it funny that the business community wants to keep the illegals. CHEAP LABOR!

Jeremy said...

Hey Utah Conservative:

Up until 1976 there was a law on the books in Missouri that said all Mormons should be driven out of the state of or killed. It was the LAW. Do you think they should have enforced it?

My point is that stupid laws need to be changed and if they are offensive enough there isn't anything wrong with ignoring them or not enforcing them (like the extermination order).

Your whining and crying that we need to punish these people because the law compels us makes no sense from a historical perspective. Its a stupid and immoral law. We need to change it...not try to enforce a dumb federal policy at a state level.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy,

You are an idiot. What about the honest tax paying citizens of Nevada. Why should they pay more for school than people who are not even legal in this country? Also, it is illegal to hire them to work here.

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Anonymous said...

Yeehaw!! I love god and guns! Screw those baby killing liberals. Kill em all! Long live jesus!! If the liberals don't like it let em move to Canada. God loves america. God hates homos and baby killers. Christian america kicks ass!!!!!!!!!

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