Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mitt. Not McCain

I will be voting for Gov. Romney today. I got the following e-mail today:

Today, voters in 21 states across the nation are heading to the polls to cast their vote for the Republican presidential nomination.

As they make their final decision, they should consider the vastly different visions of the two candidates who remain in this race -- Governor Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain.

In 2008, the Republican Party needs a nominee who can debate Senator Hillary Clinton on the critical issues confronting our nation today. We need a nominee who will ensure that liberal initiatives fail and conservative principles prevail. Take a look at this video, called "Very Close," which highlights how Senator McCain and Senator Clinton actually agree on more issues than not.

Then, please consider making a contribution today to ensure the two-man race becomes a one-man race with Governor Romney winning the gold. We need "a full-spectrum conservative" like Governor Romney who can provide a clear conservative contrast with Senator Clinton. The challenges we face in our nation are too important!

Thank you, and on to victory…

Spencer J. Zwick
National Finance Director & Sr. Advisor
P.S. With a contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, or even $25 or whatever you can afford today , we can ensure voters see the clear contrast between Governor Romney's vision of bringing conservative change to Washington and Senator McCain's approach that resembles that of Senator Clinton. Thank you.


Jason The said...

As a liberal Utahn hoping to see more liberals elected, I encourage ALL conservatives to vote for Romney. In droves even.

No reason. :)

Ken said...

I voted for Mitt Today as well. If McCain wins we only have liberals to choose from.

Derrick said...

I was curious if you had a chance to read the story about Francine Giani and the Utah Department of Commerce published today on the FreeCapitalist blog? http://freecap.blogspot.com/2008/02/francines-domain-scandal-brewing-in.html

Hope I'm not being a pest, just thought you'd be interested.


Derrick Kay
Utah County, Utah