Friday, June 22, 2007

So Where do the Mormons Go?

From KSL.COM "Anti-Mormon comments are becoming more and more common during this current presidential campaign season.
In March, presidential candidate Senator John McCain was on the campaign trail in Utah. He said, "I believe Governor Romney is a fine person, a fine governor."
This morning, it's damage control after one of his campaign workers attempted to link the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and subsequently presidential candidate Mitt Romney, to terrorists.
The Boston Globe is reporting that during a Republican gathering in April, the chairman of McCain's campaign in Warren County, Iowa -- Chad Workman -- questioned whether Mormons are Christians.
Then he referenced an article alleging the LDS Church helps fund Hamas, an anti-Israel organization, and associating the treatment of Mormon women with the Taliban."

Ok, so apparently Mormons are not welcome in a McCain administration (hell will freeze over before he is elected, so it will be ok). With so many GOP candidates attcking the Mormon faith, maybe it is time that we up and left the party. But where would we go? The national Democrat party is so far left, that I would never feel comfortable there.

How about the Green Jello with Carrots Party?


Rob said...

It is unfortunate that there are some in our country that cannot move past religious prejudice, but with that said we should be aware that Mr. Workman (the guy who is responsible) isn't a top operative in McCain's campaign by any means. I don't think that McCain had anything to do with this, but it really doesn't matter as it would seem that McCain is losing ground fast.

I do want to point out that there isn't much difference from Workman's actions and how Utah Democrats are treated by some (not all) Utah Republicans.

Many Utahns want the citizens of the United States to accept the LDS faith, and yet there are so many in Utah who won't consider a Democrat even when that Democrat is the better candidate, or LDS.

There's my two cents.

What do you think?

Jesse Harris said...

You sure won't find it in the Constitution Party. Most of them are the kinds of anti-LDS evangelicals that the Republican Party has become famous for.

There's a reason I remain registered as an independent.

Utah Conservative said...

I for one will vote for a local Democrat, not a national one. I supported Bill Orton when he ran fro Governor and supported the current SL County Sheriff even though I live in Utah County (I have family in SL County).

The biggest problem for Utah Dems is that the national party seems to be run by the Code Pink and Michael Moores of the party, and locally Rocky Anderson doesn't help your cause.

Perhaps McCain should just call it quits. I would like to see Huntsman, Shurtleff, and Curtis S. Bramble withdraw their support over this.

J-Man said...

And yet Rocky endorses Republicans, and Green candidates more than he does Democrats.

What about Winder, Corroon, Matheson, Matheson Senior, Rampton, Owens, Jones, McKay, just to name a few.

To focus on one Democrat, if Rocky is one, is to discount the many others who you would more than probably vote for.

The Senate Site said...

Alternative #24: Senator Howard Stephenson's Killer Bee Party.

Anonymous said...

It's OK to Be a Mormon and a Libertarian