Monday, June 04, 2007

Ron Levine - Candidate for GOP Chair

What are your plans to get the Party out of debt?

I will create a system that makes it easy for individuals of the general public to contribute specifically to the candidates of their choice to fundraise for our Republican candidates. Within that system on the internet and by telephone and in person and by mail, there will be an option for choosing 5% of that to be for general operating expenses of the Party. Knowing that their hard earned money goes where they want it to go to work for their causes and not against and not drained by mismanagement will do more to encourage contributions than anything else. People who contribute want to know that their contribution is used for their cause. They will!

If elected would you rehire Jeff Hartley or have an open hiring process?

No. We are rich with people who so love our Republican Party principles and want to reach out to those of the general public who identify with the Republican principles of our platform as they are the real political power being the voters as the ones who will elect their public servants that there will be plenty of volunteers. There will be so many people refreshed that they can have Utah Republican Party platform adherent candidates that they will contribute, campaign door-to-door, be a massive grass-roots Republican movement and volunteer in the Republican offices which is a job of passion and motivation to keep our Divinely inspired Constitutional republic form of representative self-government intact with freedom and prosperity for our posterity.

How can the GOP be more competitive in Salt Lake and Weber Counties?

Our identity, as defined by our platform, is the party that can best keep The American Dream, our Land of Opportunity, alive. It's the key to wins of real Republicans, which will lead to more wins. In campaigning door-to-door I say for example: "Vote for Morgan Philpot our Republican candidate for State Representative." People say: "Why should I vote for a Republican -- they raise taxes and create bigger and more intrusive government!" The votes are there for real Republicans! Getting those votes is what I've been doing. Imagine how effective I will be at promoting our platform as our official spokesperson!

What is your vision for the Party? What role should/can the average delegate/activist have in the Party?

As our next chairman, things aren't what I say just because I say it. Instead, I will facilitate the rule of our precinct elected delegates and county delegate elected central committee members as the ruling authorities of our Party and creator of our Party documents. There won't be dissidents because we will hear all of our members. Let's have them speak! My loyalties are not to "high-ups" in our Republican Party. That's backwards! "Support The Republican Movement Within Our Republican Party" That’s my campaign slogan.

Please ask me questions and tell me your concerns. I will be responsive.
Ronald H Levine
1042 E Fort Union Blvd #231
Midvale, Utah 84047-1800
801-566-2112 at work, but call after 5 P.M.

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