Sunday, March 11, 2007

56% of Utahns Support School Choice According to New Survey

From January 30, 2007.

A new survey commissioned by Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) and conducted by Western Wats shows strong support for school choice. When asked “Do you favor or oppose allowing students and parents to choose a school, public or private, to attend using public funds?” over 56% were in favor. This data underscores a recent Dan Jones/Deseret News poll showing increased numbers in favor of school choice.

Most significantly support for choice jumped to 67% for those with children in school; those who are consuming the service are the most interested in having more options. The survey also found that nearly 18% of households include individuals who are employed in the public education system. When their responses are removed, support for choice is 60%.

"It's obvious—parents want options,” said Elisa Peterson, PCE Executive Director. “Public education, despite offering their definition of "choice" within the system, can’t meet the full spectrum of needs that Utah children have. It’s only fair that we let parents choose the best education for their kids.”

The survey also revealed a surprising level of ignorance regarding in-state K-12 education spending. Over 50%, or 207 of 409 respondents believe that Utah is spending less than half of what is actually being spent per student per year (approximately $6,309*). When asked, less than 3% of those surveyed identified the correct amount (between $6,000-$7,000 ) highlighting that Utahns may know the price of groceries and gas but through no fault of their own, are solidly in the dark on education.

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The Senate Site said...

Dude. Today is March 11th. There's nothing new about a January 30th survey.

But the results are interesting. Especially when compared with last week's DNews poll. Seems like the word "vouchers" scares people away, while a brief description of what the program actually does is acceptable, if not attractive to the majority.

Jeremy said...

Isn't this post somewhat misleading considering the recent Deseret News poll released this weekend showing most Utahns opposed to vouchers? Just curious.

Frank Staheli said...

This is very interesting. I happen to agree with school choice, and that most people want school choice (even if it means using public funds). I have my opinions as to why this doesn't square with the results of a poll in the Deseret News the other day that gave different numbers...

Anonymous said...

Guess what Senate site, I think it is still revelant.

Besides the information is important with all the crap on Utah Amicus saying that PCE is lying.

Jeremy said...

But PCE is lying to us.

They claim Utah needs this program and in the same paragraph they go out of their way to state how great Utah's public schools are. We don't need to fix our education system...especially to the degree the PCE zealots are pushing us.

You conservatives are advocating dumping millions of dollars into funding a program (and more millions on defending it in court) that we clearly don't need since we are blessed with one of the best and most efficient public education systems in the country. That doesn't sound very conservative to me. In fact it sounds like the typically liberal solution in search of a problem.

A Christian Prophet said...

Since mandatory public education is fundamentally slavery, and slavery being used to propagandize at that, it would seem that a much higher percentage of people would take up the cause: "Freedom of Education!"