Monday, January 22, 2007


A voice of reason: Reach Upward has an excellent post on why all day kindergarten is bad. I agree. Why our wacky Governor is for this and educating the illegals at in-state prices is beyond me. Perhaps we now know he is a RINO, or a recovering DINO.


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a bit from a teacher said...

I believe his own daughter went through it.

And there are a good amount of parents out there who DO want it, it's not just the governor. Some charter and other schools have offered it too.

My own view as a teacher is that kindergarten itself should remain optional. Also, the all-day option should mostly be confined to low-income populations. It should never be MANDATED, however. Same goes for pre-school. Imagine having to take breaks to change diapers--yick.

Kindergarten HAS gone from being the nappy-time, play-time option to being a more academic format though. Often, in my area, they come out of kindergarten reading pretty well. When I went to school, only in rare cases was reading taught at all in kindergarten.