Monday, January 22, 2007

Big Deal

I was reading an article in the Trib and on (that came from the Trib) and began to think, big deal; who cares.

Freshman Rep Gives Legislative Salary to Schools

He donated his $4K salary to four schools' PTA organization. So what? I have donated money to various service organizations, why don't I get any recognition. Does this really matter? No.

It is quite funny to see the Democrats so excited about this, looking at his previous profession "He is retired from the oil-and-gas industry", made me wonder. Aren't all oil-and-gas people bad? That is what they say about Bush and Cheney, and additionally about the whole industry.

So Democrats, don't lump all employees of the oil-and-gas industry in one pile.

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some teacher said...

Good point. Don't lump all teachers into one either. In fact, with any group, we shouldn't do that--I especially dislike it when some do that with Mormons and the Boy Scouts.