Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why waste our time?

Taken from the great Senate Site:
Responding to requests, opinions and information gathered at the public hearings, the Redistricting Committee has morphed the plan formerly known as J into a new Map L.The new map refines Map J in the following areas:
Changes the Second District boundary to encompass Snyderville Basin (just over 7000 people), so they can vote with their neighbors in Park City. Several people at the public hearing in Park City requested this.
Makes Morgan County (about 7000 people) part of the Third District.
Includes the City of Eureka in the Third District.
Puts North Salt Lake in the Second District but keeps Bountiful in the First.
Adjusts the lines in South Salt Lake County in such a way that the population of the four congressional districts are in exact balance. Each congressional district will have an equal population of 558,292, with the exception of District One, which will have a population of 558,293.

Ok, here is my problem with all of this. First, it is known that I don't think D.C. should get a representative. Second, why not wait until 2008? Is it that big of a deal? Third, why all the outrage over the gerrymandering going on? Look at Greg Curtis' district in 2000 and 2002. There is a chunk missing, guess who lives there: Patrick Henry Hansen. The man who challenged Curtis in 2000, and should have won. He would have saved many problems Utah has had with the inept leadership of Czar Curtis.

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