Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No, No, No

According to Rolly's blog, "A petition drive has begun among the Utah Republican faithful to draft Enid Greene to run for party chairman next summer. Greene currently is the acting state chairman, filling in for Joe Cannon, who resigned just after the election with about nine months left on his term. She has said she wants to fill the rest of Cannon's term and finish "the good job he has done" over the past five years. But she also said she probably wasn't interested in running for chair for the next two-year term."

Does anyone remember what a terrible job she did running the state convention? She was such an elitist. I strongly support Tim Bridgewater for the job. Please Tim, save us from ourselves!


I am the Great Cornholio said...

We need a chair that is humble, independent, fair and has no conflicts of interest.

Here are my choices (in no particluar order)

1. Curt Bramble
2. Susan Bramble
3. Becky Lockhart
4. Stan Lockhart

Anonymous said...

I vote for Enid.
Strong, impressive, knowledgable, etc etc etc