Monday, August 28, 2006

Have you called?

Here is a copy a radio ad text, that the Utah Republican Party is running. Please call Mayor Anderson's office. Although I don't completely agree with President Bush, having Cindy Sheehan here destroys any credibility Rocky may have had. Thank goodness he is not running again.

"America is at war against an enemy determined to strike us at home. Just days ago terrorists were caught planning to blow up flights to America. The threat to our country is real. And the choice is clear."

"Do we do whatever it takes to win the war on terror? Or do we embolden the terrorists with a cut-and-run strategy? Mayor Rocky Anderson has made his decision. He's invited professional protester Cindy Sheehan to Utah to convince you that America should retreat."

"Cindy Sheehan called Al-Qaeda in Iraq 'freedom fighters.' And she called America 'the largest terrorist organization in the world.' Said she'd rather live under dictator Hugo Chavez [Venezuela's president] than President Bush."

"Now Rocky Anderson has invited her to Utah. Does he really share her anti-American beliefs?"

"President Bush is visiting Utah to pay his respects to our nation's veterans."

"Call Rocky and tell him to stop embarrassing Utah: 801-535-7704. That's 535-7704.
"Paid for by the Utah Republican Party."


Reach Upward said...

While the Utah GOP is free to run ads publicizing the Rocky Horror Protest Show, the solution they prescribe -- to call the mayor's office -- is just silly.

Look, this man feeds off controversy. He loves it. If a quicky and easy controversy can't be found, he will create one. He loves operating in the middle of the storm. Calling his office and telling him to stop it simply feeds into that bizarre psychological phenomenon.

Reach Upward said...

The Utah GOP is free to air ads drawing attention to the Rocky Horror Protest Show. But the solution they prescribe -- calling Rocky's office -- is just silly.

Look, this man thrives on controversy. He loves operating at the center of the storm. If he can't find a quick and easy controversy he'll create one. He's like some monster on a late-night B-rated horror flick that derives energy from all the flack being thrown at it by the hapless military. Calling Rocky's office to whine about his protest only feeds into this bizarre psychological phenomenon.