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Cindy Sheehan: Freedom Fighters references

The Salt Lake Tribune has an interesting article on the phone calls to Mayor Anderson's office against his protests. http://www.sltrib.com/ci_4253666

The part of the article that drew my attention was: "A LexisNexis search of major newspapers found references to such comments only in letters to the editor or editorial columns, save a paraphrase from a London paper. However, Sheehan has been quoted in The Seattle Times describing Bush as a "bigger terrorist than Osama bin Laden.""

To me this makes it imply that that the GOP is stretching the truth. I tend to think that the Tribune is trying to downplay the GOP ad. If I were doing the ad I would have inserted the part where she said the US is "not worth dying for." So, Rocky: make it clear. DO YOU AGREE WITH THAT STATEMENT?

I decided to do my own Lexis Nexis search for the terms "Cindy Sheehan" and "freedom fighters".

"Antiwar Mom Pushes Peculiar Ideas" The Tampa Tribune September 29, 2005 Thursday.
"She (CINDY SHEEHAN) doesn't appear to worry about what would happen to pro-democracy Iraqis were they abandoned before they can defend themselves from the heavily armed thugs of the resistance. Sheehan has referred to these terrorists as freedom fighters. In public statements in recent weeks, she has added many odd opinions to her antiwar message. The biggest terrorist, she said, is President Bush. She has called the U.S. government a "morally repugnant system." After visiting hurricane-damaged areas, she called on Bush to "pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq." And America, she said in San Francisco, "is not worth dying for."

"Cindy's new world Protest is one thing; radical posturing against U.S. is something else entirely." Omaha World-Herald (Nebraska) September 12, 2005
"And indeed, Sheehan, who lost her son Casey during the Iraq postwar and who has become a symbol for organized opposition to the Iraq mission, has endorsed such an agenda. She has used the term "freedom fighters" in referring to radical Islamist fighters who have gone to Iraq to blow themselves up as suicide bombers."

"Rumsfeld's heckler, Rep. Kennedy, and more.; The story behind Ray McGovern." The Weekly Standard May 15, 2006 Monday
"As long as Cindy Sheehan was an attractive club to swing against the Bush White House last summer, she was portrayed simply as a grieving mother who had lost her son in Iraq. Which she was, but she was also, rather like McGovern, an enthusiast for the violent left who called Bush a "lying bastard," said that "this country is not worth dying for," and called the Islamist insurgents in Iraq "freedom fighters.""

“ANOTHER SAD SHEEHAN STUNT” The New York Post February 2, 2006 Thursday
“Sheehan has denounced the historic popular vote in Iraq as a "sham election" and demanded that the United States quit "Iraq and Israel and Palestine." And she's called the terrorist insurgents who are murdering her fallen son's military brothers and sisters "freedom fighters."
Her bile isn't reserved for the Bush administration. Sheehan has declared: "I'm going all over this country telling moms: 'This country is not worth dying for.' "”

“For example, on Aug. 16, Sheehan held a media conference call during which she declared "The person who killed my son, I have no animosity for that person at all." Yet her statement was reported only in the National Review Online weblog. In an interview with Mark Knoller of CBS News, she explained that the foreigners who have to come to Iraq to battle the U.S. military are "freedom fighters." (Video at the anti-war Web site dc.indymedia. org/usermedia/video/2/cindyon bus.mov). Conversely, she described last January's vote in Iraq as a "sham election," in her Tuesday entry on her weblog on Michael Moore's Web site (http:// michaelmoore.com/mustread/ index.php?id=465).” (I was not able to verify if these links are still active)

What is Cindy Sheehan about? Freedom fighters murdered her son? Charleston Gazette September 3, 2005, Saturday
ON Aug. 6, as her 15 minutes of fame was just beginning, Cindy Sheehan used an odd term in a TV interview with Mark Knoller of CBS. She referred to the foreign insurgents and terrorists in Iraq as "freedom fighters." Knoller cut those words out of his report, he told me, because he "really wasn't interested."

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