Thursday, July 12, 2007

Man, even I know to keep receipts

Apparently the LG's office has discovered one of the secrets of lobbyists: amended reports. Why would a lobbyist file an amended report?

1. Incompetence
2. They are hiding something
3. Just plain stupid (ok, that is the same as #1).

But my favorite excuse, "Rogers said the amendments were necessary because they had not yet received their American Express statement. "We'd rather get the bill and make sure we did everything right than do it haphazardly," he said. (Salt Lake Tribune)

I have a hard time swallowing that reason:

1- Keep your reciepts. Having attempted to make a return at Target w/out a receipt has taught me that you always need to keep these.
2- You can see your AMEX bill online at anytime. I do!

Update: here is the link:


Part of the Plan said...

UC, your stuff would be a lot more relevant if you bothered to provide a hyperlink to whatever the heck you are talking about. What's the context here?

Tom said...

Good call. My thoughts exactly. It was a pretty lame excuse.

Voice of Utah said...

Yeah, that one definitely was a head scratcher.

FreedomAdvocate said...

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