Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Importance of Blogging

The Daily Herald had an interesting article about lawmakers and their use of blogging. Article

Some interesting tidbits:

"I think what I really want to create is an image out there that we're human
beings. Although we have some awesome responsibilities, we each bring with it
our own personal background and life experiences," said Sen. Lyle Hillyard,

Regardless, by the time the 2006 legislative session was over, the Senate Site became a must read for lawmakers, lobbyists and journalists. The site now gets
up to 4,000 hits a day. (to visit this site, go to

Perhaps one of the best blogs is Representative Craig Frank's,

As the House and the Senate begin to bicker over taxes, funding, etc. it is interesting to read these accounts on the blogs.

P.S. Senators, please be open to the tax cuts proposed by the House, tax cuts are good.


The Senate Site said...

Got it. Tax cuts = Good. Thanks.

kingkong said...

Let's hope this is the year that they legislature works for less government too, instead of seeking more and more power and attempting to take away some from the other branches of government and city governments as well. Special interest group reform would be welcome too--limiting gift amounts even further would be a start. I'm almost starting to wonder if it's the special interest groups instead of the people that the politicians represent.

There is ONE good special interest group out there--the NRA. :)